Thursday, January 18, 2007

with or without you....

today, i learned a lot of things:

- i can eat alone
- i can stand a day without texting
- i can last a day without being concerned (after all i am EVIL!! >:))
- it's nice to be single even for a day :D
- it's nice to learn how to be alone sometimes
- it's nice to know where you stand on a person's priority list
- it's nice to have yourself for yourself only
- it's nice not to expect from anybody
- i can still be numb if i want to (after all BATO ako e!!)'s nice to know that i still got that OLD EVIL NUMB me >:) :D..

** with that, if i were you, i would be VERYYYYY careful....................... >:)

Friday, December 22, 2006

meri kurisumasu \(^_^)/

christmas is just around the corner and most of the people are probably done with their christmas parties and gift-giving...some are probably busy buying for the ingredients for their noche buena..

amidst all of our busy schedules..trying to finish all that needs to be done for this holiday, let's pause and try to prepare a room in our hearts for something spiritual..after all, this is what CHRISTmas is all about.. :)

happy holidays everyone! :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

kinenbi omedetou :x

it's been a year...time flies real fast...who could've imagined that this time would come..

yah, there were a lot of things that happened...good, bad....they happened! but still, we are still here...

as i read the letter this morning, i can't help but smile...hehe made me realize a lot of mistakes i have done..(and might still be doing in the future)..

but no matter what the future brings..i don't and will not regret anything...

i could write an article with 1000 words..but today, i guess words aren't just enough...

you know who u are........

itsumo ai shite iru..kyou, totemo ureshii desu..honto ni kansha shite iru..

Monday, November 06, 2006

nani ga okoru ka wakaranai......

a lot of things could happen in just a blink of an eye...yah it is true..things that we never expect to happen...

for the past weeks, there has been a lot of changes...from our home to our working our company....sou da no..our company..

last november 3, 2006, a press release was made announcing that SPL Worldgroup (Phils) was acquired by Oracle...this change was unexpected..from the developer's point of view i guess..this news was such a shock and after the announcement, things happen so fast..faster than i expected...

there were a lot of questions..worries running at the back of my head (i don't want to lose my job!)...i was not prepared for these things...

there weren't any (as of now) news about retrenchment as of today..but we were told that a new offer letter will be given to us 6 weeks after the announcement...that freaking 6 weeks is too long! if we can do anything to make the 6 weeks shorter..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i am the AM team... @-)

oh well, yah it is still early for this post..but what difference will it make if i would post it today or next next week, right? here is another complain blog entry blah blah blah..and so here it goes...

the moment our current client decided to switch platforms (decided to buy another product and not ours, that is), it is already OVER for a team, right? but the weird thing is that our team, which is the support for that client is still a team. the development team was all rolled-off and moved on to a next phase..while we are still stuck in this team.. :| they said that the reason was due to a contract..wanna know when the end of the contract is...june next year! -_-

ok, a contract is a contract..but it does not make us productive..some so-called tasks given to us are like "pinilit" na tasks that are just there to keep us *ahem* busy..sometimes, if they can't think of anything to keep us busy, we need to jump over to other teams (hello DTO, hello EAC...) to ask for tasks (squatter in short)...

so why still keep this team? i dunno...but yesterday, i got a text (i was on leave), that one of our teammates (hey, we are only THREE in this bummer) will be rolled-off next week!! i got disappointed and somehow happy at that same time that it seems to be the sign wherein we could finally move on to another team..

i dunno why i really wanted to have a new team...the fear is still there that i would not be able to do my tasks real well (my current team does not do normal stuffs like other peeps in the office would..we're kinda..hmm different.. 8-|)..maybe, it's just that i want to have that growth..also, i feel like as long as i am stucked in this dream, goal, want, need, like to be on-shore seems just too faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

** oh, the title seems like i would be **alone** in the team..well, having two people in the team is not really alone..but come next next week..i am **literally** the AM team since my TL will be having her vacation..sweet? NOT!

Monday, September 04, 2006

2 become 1

last saturday was one of my cousin's wedding and it was a very emotional event since she's the first cousin that i am close with that will be getting married. though some of my other cousins got married already, this wedding is the first wherein i really felt kinda sad..coz i know, that things will change...of course, it is a day wherein she'll step into a whole new point of her life and i know that she is very happy... :) we are also happy for her, that she found her man but it's missing her that saddens us....

The new couple:

i am one of the secondary sponsors and i lit a candle for them :p the event was very was a nice and simple wedding..very solemn and you could really feel that they love each other..some more pics taken from the Church..

my brother working it out:


my silly sister:

me and my silly sister (hahahaha):

Monday, May 08, 2006


last saturday, we went to Lucban, Quezon and visited a Church there. The Church is located in the mountains and it is surrounded by trees. we also deicded to have this trip since my cousin came from maryland and this is his sort of birthday party and thanksgiving party for his safe travel. it was also the first time for our families' bonding sessions ever since he arrived from the US. this church in lucban have this 286-steps grotto and we were having bets amongst ourselves that we will be trying to get on top. on top of the grotto is a huge status of Jesus with his arms wide open.

we arrived around 9am at the church and we would like to attend the 9:30 mass so we decided to set aside the grotto adventure after the mass. the mass ended around 11:30 and the cool breeze of the place was gone! it was soooooo hot and the sun is scorching our skin. some of us were chickens and didn't pursue to climb the grotto (cluck cluck)...

as i was making my way to the top of the grotto, i had a sudden realization....

reaching God is a long will take some time before you can reach the "top"

the steps were bigger than the usual steps you encounter everyday...some contains big rocks and some paths were made me realize that once you decided to follow Christ, it would not be easy at first...

it would be even harder to make your way thru Him if you have lotsa baggage with you (heck even carrying an umbrella to protect your skin under the sun is difficult!) hence, you need to leave everything behind..and once you are getting near Him, life will be somehow easier..there will still be trials, yes, but you can hardly notice it..

because you are more focused in reaching HIM...

after visiting this church, we had our lunch at a place called.....caliraya (?) i forgot if it's correct..anyway, we had boat riding and the place was are some of the pics: