Friday, July 29, 2005

...i love this song...

i dunno why..but i like this song..i had no chance of watching the movie where this song came from but after hearing the mp3..i loved it! the song is so's Take my Heart Back by Jennifer Love Hewitt from the movie "If Only"..

It'll be alright
You said
Don't you cry
Don't you shed a tear
When you wake up
I will still be here
When you wake up
We'll battle all your fears
And now I'll...

Take my heart back
Leave your pictures on the floor
Steal back my memories
I can't take it anymore
I've cried my eyes out
Oh,and now I face the years
The way you loved me
Vanished all the tears

Just a little more time was all we needed
Just a little time for me to see
Oh,the light that life can give you
Oh,how we get such a free So now I'll...

Take my heart back
Leave your pictures on the floor
Steal back my memories I can't take it anymore
I've cried my eyes out
Oh,and now I face the years
The way you loved me
Vanished all the tears

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

...on the other side..

my post for my best friend is quite late unlike the other ppl in my blog because i created a post for them maybe hours before or after they for this personit has been quite late because we were from a burial yesterday and maybe as i post this, she's already in the US taking a rest...

enough for the excuses.. time to go bloggin'..

i will definitely miss this person..above all of the other ppl included in this blog..i consider glads as my best friend in college and knowing that she'll be leaving for an indefinite period is really a sad thought..words are not enough to express how much i will miss only comfort is that i was able to talk to her d nyt before she left and i know how to communicate with her..

...thanks for being a part of my college life and i hope you'll succeed...thanks a lot..good luck and God bless! even if u are on the otehjr side of the thoughts and friendship will always be with you..Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

....carreer move....

in a few hours...vanny will be leaving SPL..and start a new journey to make the best out of her life..after spending a lunch with her at Gerry's grill...this will be the last day that she will be seen walking around the 23rd floor of rcbc tower 1..laughing and chatting with officemates and friends...

to vanny..God bless and good luck..we hope that you made the right decision...keep in touch and we will bump into each other someday.. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005


as i post...ryan is now on his way or maybe reached his destination..taiwan..texted me before he left saying:

"Bye guys!M leaving..Thanks takeCare nd God bless.."

...received a few other texts other than that but i think it's a bit personal to share..good luck and i do hope that we see each other again...just as you promised.. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

counting down the days...a best ex..a batchmate... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


last weekend, we were at doña jovita resort at calamba, laguna to spend time with a person, whom i considered as my best friend in college because she will be leaving for the states this coming sunday...

it was not too long ago when we were in first year college (naks reminiscing stage ito!)..then came the exams, gimmick days, counseling (haha!), defenses and then...graduation..we became busy looking for a job until we became busy with our own jobs..we seldom see each to each other because we have our own schedule..but despite all of these busy times that we are both in..we know in our hearts that we will remain as friends..we find every opportunity that we have to talk or see each other..

though we know that distance won't affect the friendship..the thought saddens me..yesterday..while i said my goodbyes before leaving the resort (the reason why? nevermind..) i really wanted to hug her and bid my goodbyes..but i was forced not to because she's dripping wet! (hahaha...some friend huh?lol)..i fought back the tears and just said a simple bye and walked away..

another friend of ours will be leaving because his chosen carreer belongs to the sea..even though there has been something not so good that happened between us..learning that he would be leaving also makes me sad..

sometimes, it's really hard to say goodbye to a person that became a part of your life..especially if that person is really really makes your heart ache just the thought of not seeing or hearing his/her voice.. my friends..i wish you all the luck in your have been blessed to be given this opportunity to travel and make the best out of your life...don't waste for me..i'll always be your matter how long the distance is between you and me..the friendship remains..we don't know when we will see each other (or if we will still see each other) but the happy, sad and mixed feelings that i had with you will be with me til the end..thank you for everything...

**gotta end this blog coz i am going gaga already with tears in my eyes during a lunch break..i wish that if an officemate sees me, thinks that i just got an upset stomach because of what i ate..**

Friday, July 15, 2005

boredom point

have you ever felt like you just wanna go home all of sudden and leave the work you have? have you ever felt that you needed to get out from the current situation you are in beause you are just plain sick and tired of it? well, i have...a lot times!

i call it the boredom point..i think everybody comes to a point wherein he/she feels being sick and tired of a routinary activity that he/she has...the climax of of something..just like when we have the freezing and boiling point..wherein the substance reaches the maximum or minimum temperature it needs to be able to identify that it is at its climax...

in this case..boredom point deals with feelings..emotions..not the temperature..and it deals with people..(getting geeky huh?!) oh well..i guess i just need to have a moment of escape from the routinary tasks that i am in..i need to break free! especially if you are stuck in a task you can't solve...and everyday...every single day that you have..and you look at the lines of code..and all you can see are the same answers that you have yesterday..and the day before that...but still, that answer of yours is still not good just feels so tiring..

just the same when you are in the office but you are doing you just realize how boring it is to chat all surf all!

..made me realize how people can be so hard to please..that in any situation that he/she is in, there will come a point that he/she will get tired of is the best work of God but it is the worst creature ever!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

dagdag sakit ng ulo....current situation in paseo as i post... Posted by Picasa

rally sa ayala ave...sakit sa mata...trapik... malayong nilakad... Posted by Picasa

ordinary day..

this day is just one of days in a week...eheh..nothin' special..same old same old i am in my desk..typing an entry in my blog as i munch over my lunch..yup..i am eating at my workstation..eheh..i was supposed to be eating with allan's batchmates in the pantry but they decided to eat at EAT..(err...sounds confusing?) due to my incurable sickness and at times most loved pal...laziness...i decided not go with him and eat my lunch all by myself (*sobs*)..

well...i guess nothin much will really happen to me today...maybe in the coming days.. SOMETHING will happen since i am expecting my final evaluation as a proby employee anytime this week..i worked hard and prayed hard..whatever happens..i just must accept it..

(*burp*)..hay..i am now full..but after 1-2 hrs..hunger will take over me..eheh..and i will dig at my mobile drawer and look for something that i can munch for 5-10 mins..hmm..i wonder what will look tasty to me this afternoon for merienda? (**thinks**)

....sometimes..thinking of something to eat is harder than getting a task done.. :D (*ayt?*)

Monday, July 11, 2005

lil bro turns five lil bro turns 5 today..hehe...i am so excited.. i ordered for a cute cake for him today..i ordered it at art cakes..ehehe...kaso mahal sya ha..pero ok lang..anything to make my lil bro's bday the's my lil bro..he's the cute lil fella with me in my profile..

i'll try to post some pics from tonight's event..eheh...that's why i am early today..kasi i'll be leaving early..ehehe...some of my cousins will be at the house tonight and have a simple dinner..get together lang..kwentuhan..nothing much pero it's special coz we're together as a family..bonding excited what by lil bro's reaction will be after seeing the cake..hope he'll like it..he's been asking me for a "pruprise" (surprise) for his bday all weekend.. hehe..

Saturday, July 09, 2005

rally na naman...trapik na naman..

may rally na naman daw sa ayala..anak ng pating naman talaga..d pa ba sawa ang mga pinoy sa rally? aminado ako..sumali ako sa rally dati..rally para sa mapua echos n yan..(kung may nangyari sa rally? WALA.. nag-wave ska picture taking lang kmi dun..ehehe..)

hay..punta pa naman ako sa glorietta ngyon..for sure...super traffic n nman ang aabutin ko..langya talaga..nndun daw c susan rocess sa insular..astig...baka makakuha pa ako ng autograph pag pinalad..ehehe..

hayy..napaka-pathetic n ng sitwasyon ng pinas..kakalungkot..sayang naman blog ko..unang mga post pa lang e mga sad stories n agad..hay God bless d Phils n lang...

wala n rin nman pag-asa ang pilipinas kung puro mga mandurugas ang uupo sa pwesto..kawawa talaga..sayang mga sigaw nyo! sayang rin gasolina para sa mga naiipit sa trapik..ehehe..

gud luck n lang skin mmya..sana wag nman ako masydo malasin..makauwi sana ako agad at abutan ko pang bukas ang cd-r-king..bibili ako ng ink e..heehee...

Friday, July 08, 2005

first day blog..hehe

haha...this is my first blog entry...been thinking (just thinking) for several days if i'll be creating a blog or not...until one of my new friend in the office convinced me to create here it is! my own blogsite...hehe..

gotta be used to creating blogs for the next couple of days...but i think this will be my entry for today..gotta update my profile and stuff..