Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ano ba talaga ate???!!!

yesterday, some of my officemates and i kept on looking for info if today will be declared as a holiday. we exchanged some text messages and i asked for any update from our HR. i just had my celfone reloaded last week but when i checked my credit balance..i only have a remaining 220 pesos worth of load (hey! i am not a text addict that's why i think i overused my celfone..ehehe)
i was so happy to learn that we will have no work today..i immediately forwarded the text to fellow officemates and i started having an arrangement with my sister that we will go buy a pair of rubber shoes today as my birthday gift for her and myself.. (heehee...)
everything has been settled..until..i received another text message cancelling the previous proclamation for the holiday..man was i dismayed!
i think GMA should make up her mind and announce for a holiday 1 day prior to that day..this will avoid confusion and the hassle..not to mention the disappointment!!! grrr!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

...no work...no aircon..

I am sweating like a pig as i type this entry in my blog..i am happy that i'll have a long break from work..but the temperature is burning me like hell!!!hay..i love holidays.i really do..makes me feel less stressed from deadlines and work-related things.. another thing is that i can spend more time with my family..have a chat...stroll at the mall..u know..small things that can be a great thing just to have a little chit-chat with the members of the family just to know what's going on..

..as of now..i can say that i am no longer broken..maybe we are in the process of healing our wounds..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


this is what best describes what i am feeling right now...broken...shattered...i am in a middle of confusion..conflict....a separation that doesn't only hurt themselves but the people around them..

as i post this entry...i have nothing in mind expect the word "why?"...they said that everything happens because there is a reason behind it...He has a plan...i hope i can realize what He has for us..for our family...not just because the pain has been killing me...but because i need to get back on track...cause i am.....lost...................

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

...see that???..

after 2 months of a tiring but fun training....after 6 months of being a proby employee...here is my name..enlisted as one of the new regular employee of SPL!! (wohooo!!) man...i have never been this happy...i felt that i achieved something really great!! i thank God for being my guide and answering my prayers..

haha...i'm so overwhelmed with happiness..it's just that..i am happy..that's all...ehehe... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 06, 2005

...mah sister...

i dunno y..but i like this picture of my sister..makes me proud that i am her sister (note: that happens only once in a blue moon...hahahah) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 04, 2005

...love is?

i know...my title sucked...it's so common..it's so usual..but come to think of it...what is our basis of love? what love is? how should we love? is there a standard?

well, due to some things happening around me...i have been wondering constantly how we should love..should we love a person because of his/her positive attitudes? physique? IQ? is that our basis of love?

for me, love should never have ANY standard...we love a person as he is...we accept everything! even to his dirtiest deeds to the best thing that he can offer...when we love a person..we chose to love that person and love the whole package! we must love even their shortcomings and appreciate the littlest effort that they did to make us feel loved or appreciated...especially if that person has become a part of your life (literally....like in marriage or something..)

we must not choose to love a person...and think that when we love a person..we can change them..we are not GOD! why should we try to change a person into a somebody that he or she isn't? why shouldn't we try to change ourselves and grow and have a more mature outlook of love? i think changing ourselves would be a better idea...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

..gloomy monday...

"sakit tummy ko"....that's what by lil bro keep on saying d past few days..complaining about tummy ache but after massaging it for a few seconds..tummy ache is gone! but that wasn't the case yesterday..he kept on complaining for a tummy ache...don't want to eat..vomits after eating..had a fever average of 38 degrees celsius...in short my lil bro is sick..

my mom and dad decided to bring him to the hospital last night..and he was confined..

i woke up at 4:45 today..need to cook our breakfast (for me and my sister), since my mom is with apa and my dad's at work..i knew something was wrong with me since i kept on sneezing d whole morning (**achoo**)

anyway, i hurried to prepare myself for today coz my mom texted me saying that i need to bring apa's milk at the hospital..so i need to get ready in time that i would have time to deliver d milk and not to be late at work..

when i arrived at the hospital..apa is awake and watching tv..but didn't smile or called me in his usual happy tone calling me "Ate Sarah!"..he just stared at me with his sad eyes as if telling me.. "ate i am sick.."

after a few chat with my mom and few kisses for apa..i left the hospital to go to work..

i still feel so sick today..with running nose...and a little headache..i have been drinking lots of water but i don't think that would be enough..i think i need to rest...

(**achoo**)(**sniff**) aarrgghhh!!! i hate colds...i hate being sick!hay..wat a sad way to start this week..i hope that the rest of the week will be just fine...