Thursday, December 22, 2005

i want a ball.. :D

give me a ball.. :D pls visit this link...i would be very happy to have a ball from you :D

Gimme your ball!!! =))

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

love it.. :D

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i like this pic...i dunno y...maybe because it was taken by kareshii kun...or because it shows a different me? hmmm.....

Friday, December 16, 2005

gothic friday

Whenever the Christmas season is approaching, it is a part of the SPL tradition to
celebrate it with theme Fridays. You know, we would dress up following a certain theme and vote who has the best costume for that. (there is a price money, of course).

For this Friday, our theme is GOTH. The office was full of black outfits and black nails and make-up. We were having a good time laughing at each other's looks because some people (like Topeng) had a very "creative" way of expressing their gothic style. Of course, Topeng has been a highlight until there came Jay. Hahaha...Nice outfit I must say. He has his way of being the center of attention with his ideas.

I had a good gothic look, too. But I didn't exert too much effort to look TOO gothic, that is. After all, I am only after the raffle ticket (Haha!)

After the event, I had a hard time removing the make-up from my eyelids. Darn those eyeliners! My eyes ached for some time due to the cold cream I applied. Anyway, it was a fun event. I had a good time laughing. :p

This is with Kareshii kun at the background :D

I was nominated for Gothic Female because of this pic :p

Me and some other gothic peeps:

** other pics will follow as soon as I have

Thursday, December 08, 2005

ichikagetsu me omedetou gozaimasu.. :D

There are a lot of things to remember on this date. Today is the 25th wedding anniversary of my parents (wow they lasted for 25 years of marriage...). There will be no extravagant celebration but a simple dinner and maybe we will be going out for lunch on Sunday at The Fort.

Today is also the Immaculate Concepcion. I need to leave the office early today so I can attend the mass with the family.

It is also Noriel's birthday (happy birthday yeng!). I think there were advanced celebrations already about his birthday since he treated us at Brother's Burger last week...and he don't normally do that (kuripot kasi).

And of is our first monthsary today (hehe). Nothing much happen or will happen for us to celebrate our monthsary since it is the same date with my parents' wedding anniversary. But we had a chance to watch a movie last night (Just Like Heaven) and eat out for lunch. Today's lunch is kind of weird because we ended up getting wet because it is raining today. Jason supposedly brought an umbrella with him but for whatever reason, the umbrella was really messed up (darn payong...die!!!!). So we really got wet and cold from the rain. But I think it's just ok...I love rainy days... :D