Sunday, February 26, 2006


it was my first day at A1 driving school today and boy, was i nervous. it was not my first time to drive, but it was two years ago when i last drove a vehicle in the highway. i enrolled last week for a 5-hour refresher course and my first two hours started this morning. i met my instructor at alabang town center and our driving lesson began at 9am.

at first, he gave me short briefing like changing gears, clutch, brakes and other basic knowledge that i need to know regarding driving. i tried my best to be as attentive as i could (after all, it was my money that i used to enroll myself. i can't afford to waste it), but i was really nervous at that time. i had a hard time concentrating. and so after the briefing, i started rolling down the wheels and drive.

at first, i had a hard time and i was really nervous. he taught me some new things that i didn't learn before from my cousins who taught me how to drive when i was in college.

generally, my first day was OK. i think i did well because i was able to pass most of the things that i needed to learn for the first two hours. but i still need to improve on the footwork (changing from clutch, brake and gas), TLSL (think look stop look) technique before turning and most especially, be confident. my instructor told me that it is the most important thing to learn before anything else. he said that i can be good if only i won't chicken out.

i guess being confident doesn't apply into driving alone. but in most events in our life. we need to keep in mind that we can do something and do good and do not have time to fear anything.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

at last!

i'm just so happy today...i was able to finish my task (which was way way overdue according to my standards...) this morning.. :D a new task has been assigned to me and i guess it will also be a way way overdue task :|

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

coffee and books....

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true intimacy is more than passionate nights.
it means that I know how you take your coffee,
and you know what kind of books I like to read.

It means that we know each other's greatest frailties
and fears but don't use them.
It means that we've been angry,
yet remembered to protect our love....

** taken from the card jason gave me...we find the message very meaningful since it talks about knowing each other so well, like the way he knows my coffee (i love coffee!!) and I know his books (he loves to read)...that's why we consider the message from the card very personal, as if he was the one who created the card... :)

kyou, watashi wa kareshii ni hana o moraimashita. :) kon ban, restoran de, ban gohan wo tabemasu. sore kara, eiga o mimasu. :)

** Happy Valentines!! :D **

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


my day started sooooo early than usual. i woke up at 5am...i went to DFA to apply for a passport..haha yup i applied for a passport cause i need it so i can apply for an L1 visa...(haha i just hope i'll be assigned abroad this year ** crosses fingers **)

paulo and i arrived at DFA at about 7:30am and we were so surprised to see a lot of people in line! we thought we were early but we were wrong..guess there are a lot of filipinos that want to work, study, take their chance, get the heck outta here and move somewhere place...

good thing that the process was not that slow...the only process that took us quite some time is the evaluation of the documents..(well i guess it should take quite some time)...good thing i had my driver's license with me and i had it photocopied yesterday..i don't need to return to DFA to get my passport...

after our application for the passport..we headed to find a fastfood..and the bee came to our mind...we asked a tricycle driver where we can find the bee and he told us that it is just nearby and we can walk to find it....when we found the bee...we decided to eat at greenwich instead =))

......this is a looonnng day for me...i need to stay at the office til 8pm and i am just so damn sleepy already... m(_ ~ _)m zzzzzzzzzZZzZZZ......

** (jason is currently listening to christina aguilera).... :D

Monday, February 06, 2006


start of the week and yet, it seemed not to start too well for me. it seems i got up from the wrong side of my bed...i feel so grumpy today..and for some reasons, i don't know why.

i know it is a bad habit, but there are times that i really feel like this. i know that i can affect other people around me..oh well..

maybe i just need to be alone...or to have a break from it all...i'm just so tired...