Friday, April 28, 2006


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cessy kasi nickname na binyag sakin nung ninang ko sa bahrain.. :p

What would you change your name to, if you were changing it?

hmm wala akong maisip na ipalit e...

Why that?

wala nga e

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ala lang...

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Allan P.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


ok this happened just a few minutes ago and well, i thought this can be a good entry..haha

just a few minutes ago, we were getting ready to eat lunch and so i decided to get up and pee before starting lunch (i always want to pee before meals...hmm so that i can refresh my urine bags with new water?) well, as i got up to go, my foot was strangled in one of the cables of my PC...(i think it is the network cable..the white one) and so i almost stumbled...but i didn't! (whew!) BUT!!!! i let out a not-so-loud-but-loud-enough-to-be-heard p*tang*in*!!! and so i felt my face turned red...and some of my officemates were laughing..i just said a casual sorry and laughed..ehehe oh well good thing the manager's not there and some other officemates had lunch..

oh well, what an embarrassing day.... -_-"

Friday, April 21, 2006

amici! :D

yesterday, we had our team lunchout at amici di don bosco (which means friends of don bosco according to the box of the pizza we ordered)

at a maximum amount of 170 pesos per serving of pasta, i can say that you can have a great value for your money. the pasta i ordered was....err.....hmmm....number 19 at the menu (sorry guys, can't remember the a bunch of "lini's" in the menu) anyway, i find the pasta yummy even though if you'll compare it to the amount of the pastas that my officemates ordered, it is just a small quantity. but the heck, it's ok...the pasta have stuffed cheese on it, and the sauce contains cottage cheese...topped with ham and parmesan cheese (sounds cheesy doesn't it?) YUM! well, leslie didn't like it that much. but for a cheese addict like was heaven (it made me miss the yummy fish & chips we ordered at fish & co. ** drools** )

we also ordered for 5 pizzas and 5 1.5 liters of diet coke.. :p yummy lunch! i ate a great deal of pizza...but didn't drink that much coke..i never liked diet coke...for me it tastes kinda bitter in the end...

for dessert, alou treated us for ice cream (yay!!) i really don't know why she treated us but what the heck..i love ice cream..hihi i ordered strawberry marble and it tastes good...not too sweet...just right... :) and it is placed into a nice ice cream cup..made us remember of the chalice that contains the wine during consecration..

i am looking forward to my next visit at amici...can't wait to try for the other pasta they offer.. :D

Friday, April 07, 2006


last night, jason and i decided to play badminton with our fellow team mates at work. (yes, after soooooo long. i'll be using my racquet again!) it was a team initiative to have badminton sessions once a week maybe because there has been a scarcity of tasks on our team. so we decided to play around instead.

since it was jason's first time to play, we gave him some pointers before playing. before starting the game, we let jason be familiarized in hitting the shuttlecock. as an ordinary first timer, it was not that easy for him..hehe several attacks were missed, drops were not received, doesn't want to run for the shuttlecock...things like that. and so the first part of our game was covered with laughter. but as the game progressed, i can say that he was able to have a good grasp of the game.. :p few more practices and i know that he can learn his own techniques.

i can say we had a good game! though i wasn't able to do pretty well, i had a good time. plus it is also a good form of exercise and recreation. also, since it has been a looong time since my last game....i am expecting for some muscles to hurt. (oh, here comes the pain................... >_< )