Thursday, April 27, 2006


ok this happened just a few minutes ago and well, i thought this can be a good entry..haha

just a few minutes ago, we were getting ready to eat lunch and so i decided to get up and pee before starting lunch (i always want to pee before meals...hmm so that i can refresh my urine bags with new water?) well, as i got up to go, my foot was strangled in one of the cables of my PC...(i think it is the network cable..the white one) and so i almost stumbled...but i didn't! (whew!) BUT!!!! i let out a not-so-loud-but-loud-enough-to-be-heard p*tang*in*!!! and so i felt my face turned red...and some of my officemates were laughing..i just said a casual sorry and laughed..ehehe oh well good thing the manager's not there and some other officemates had lunch..

oh well, what an embarrassing day.... -_-"