Tuesday, May 02, 2006


today we had our interview for our L1 visa. since our appointment is at 7am, our HR advised us to be there an hour earlier than our appointment. so we were told to be there at 6am. i woke up at 4:30 to prepare.. (very sleepy....) and at about 5:30 my dad and i left our house.

i was able to arrive at the embassy at around 6:15. there were a lot of people waiting to be called. a lot of people who wanted to try their luck and apply for a visa.

in the interview area, there were different faces. young and old, families, yuppies...a lot of people were getting interviewed. some were lucky enough to be given a visa, but some were just short-handed. some took the rejection quite hard and kept on arguing with the consul to have their application re-considered.

when it was our time to be called, we became a little nervous seeing our numbers on screen as we were called. when it was my turn, luckily some of my officemates were called before i was called. and so it seemed that the consul was already familiar that i am applying for the L1 visa coz i am working at SPL, that we are a software company for utilitiy companies, that we are maximizing the validity of the visa (blah blah)....and so, we reached the 99.9% of having the visa (woohoo!) as i was getting the yellow sheet that i was suppose to have if i pass the interview, i felt so relieved! i really thanked God that we were interviewed by a nice guy :p

but, since i woke up at 4:30..i am sooo sleepy now..my eyes are so heavy..i want to sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

butt in:

since i am very lazy today, i will not be creating a new post for our teambuilding last saturday and sunday at verde island in batangas..i'll just include the pictures in this topic...hehehe

the beach

the sea

here we come!

at the bar

inside the room

jason and i

and another one